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S6 Sessions

The S6 Sessions are a programme of Friday afternoon and weekday evening sessions designed to help you put in an excellent application to college or university, and then aid your transition to higher education.

You can choose which S6 Sessions you would like to attend. 


S6 Pre-application Interview

The pre-application interview is offered to all final-year LEAPS-eligible students and is an opportunity to discuss your application to college or university, including potential course choices, experience and achievements to date, and the personal statement.

S5 Introduction to Higher Education

This presentation explains who we (the LEAPS team!) are, what we do, and also outlines LEAPS eligibility criteria.

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S6 Sessions

Throughout the year, LEAPS will be running S6 Sessions - a series of workshops and activities designed to help you put in an excellent application, and then aid your transition, to university or college.

Find out more and book here for the LEAPS S6 Sessions we have taking place in November and December 2018.

Open Days

Thinking about attending a university open day? We have some top tips for you!

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