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To find out more about the different activities LEAPS offers (both in and out of school), please use our activity selector below. We are always developing the LEAPS programme, so do remember to check back for details of new events.

Remember, the LEAPS team is available all year round to offer information, advice and guidance about higher education to LEAPS-eligible students and parents and carers, so if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

S6 What is LEAPS? Talk

This short presentation reminds you about the support LEAPS offers to LEAPS-eligible students in S6.

We’ll highlight events and opportunities will be offering you throughout the year to help you with your higher education journey, including our S6 pre-UCAS guidance interview.

This presentation usually takes place between August and September.

(For Group 1+ and Group 2 schools only)

Takes place in your school

S6 Pre-UCAS Application Interview

The LEAPS pre-UCAS application interview is offered to all final-year LEAPS-eligible students and is an opportunity to discuss your application to college or university, including potential course choices, experience and achievements to date, and the personal statement. We will also confirm LEAPS eligibility at this interview, so it is vital not to miss it.

The interview is either undertaken by a member of the LEAPS team or by an advisor from one of our partner institutions and you must complete the online survey form here in advance of the interview (this survey opens in August each year).

The interview may be followed up by a pre-application enquiry to a university on your behalf to reassure you of a likely offer and any conditions that might need to be met.

Find out more about the interview in our S6Blog post

The deadline for LEAPS interviews - and confirming LEAPS eligibility - is Friday 29 November 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

The pre-UCAS application interview usually takes place between August and early November.

(For Group 1+, Group 1 and Group 2 schools)

Usually takes place in your school

Creative Extras Art & Design Week

The Creative Extras Art & Design Week is a programme of activities for final-year LEAPS-eligible students who are applying to higher education art and design related courses. Delivered in conjunction with our partner universities and with local galleries, the activities are designed to offer advice, guidance and experience with portfolio preparation; the 'extras' over and above the academic requirements for art and design applications.

Final-year LEAPS-eligible students (in S6 or in S5 and planning to submit a UCAS application) can apply to the Creative Extras Art & Design Week.

The 2019 Creative Extras Art & Design Week took place from 14th-18th October 2019. 

Watch our film for a snapshot of this year's Creative Extras Art & Design Programme:

(For Group 1+, Group 1 and Group 2 schools)

Various locations around South East Scotland

S6 Sessions

The S6 Sessions are a programme of Friday afternoon and weekday evening sessions designed to help you put in an excellent application to college or university, and then aid your transition to higher education. S6 Sessions planned for 2019-2020 include a Personal Statement Workshop, Acting and Audition Preparation Workshops, and our on campus Unicafe

They will take place throughout the school year and you can choose which S6 Sessions you would like to attend. Check the S6 Blog for event updates throughout the year.

(For Group 1+, Group 1 and Group 2 schools)

Various university campuses across South East Scotland

S6 Post-application Session

This workshop is for LEAPS-eligible students who have applied to university and provides an overview of the post-application UCAS process, including the different types of UCAS offers, how to respond to them, finance, post-application visit days and potential college applications.

This session usually takes place between February and March.

(For Group 1+, Group 1 and Group 2 schools)

This is a self-led digital session. LEAPS will email you with details in spring.

S6 Unicafé

Our Unicafe is an informal, relaxed session where you can chat to current university students about any aspect of your transition from school to university – academic, social, moving away, anything you want to explore. To help you with this, there will be a ‘menu’ of possible conversation topics you can select from, or you’re welcome to add your own conversation topic. It is also the chance to network and make connections with new people. As well as meeting our student volunteers, there will be the chance to meet students from other schools going to different universities and colleges across Scotland. You might meet someone applying to the same place as you!

We will be offering this on campus and in various schools across the regions – you can attend either or both! (Note, that there will be different students and student volunteers at each session.)

Hot drinks and treats provided!

The Unicafe takes place between January and March.

(For Group 1+ and Group 1 schools)

(Note: LEAPS-eligible students from our Group 2 schools are invited to our on campus Unicafe, part of our S6 Sessions.)

Takes place on campus, in your school, or a school nearby

LEAPS Transition & Uni Prep

LEAPS plan to run pilot activities in 2019-20 to support final-year LEAPS-eligible students in their academic and social transition into higher education. More information to follow.