Fri 9 Nov, S4, Forrester HS, 11.30-12.25

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Fri 9 Nov, S4, Forrester HS, 11.30-12.25

Times for LEAPS transport: Please be at the meeting point (listed and shown below) at the University of Edinburgh for 10.45am.  You will be dropped back there after the workshop around 1.10pm.  A pick up/drop off may also be available from Heriot Watt University as it is near the school. If you are interesed in this option please ask about this when you email us.

Prefer to make your own way to the school ?  If you live near the school and/or would rather make your own way there we will meet you at the school reception at 11.20am. The school address is: Forrster High School, 212 Broomhouse Rd, Edinburgh, EH12 9AE.

How to sign up for this workshop: Please email if you can commit to attending this event. Remember to let us know if you would like LEAPS transport to the event or if you prefer to make your own way to/from the school.

Edinburgh University, Business School Cafe, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS
Volunteers needed: 
5-8 volunteers required
Signed up so far: 
Nobody yet!