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Summer School

Summer School is a seven-week programme for LEAPS-eligible students who are holding one or more UCAS offers. It is a valuable opportunity for you to get a true feel for university study and to impress admissions tutors.

Summer School gives you the opportunity to prepare for university teaching styles, assessment methods, develop academic skills and to experience student life.

It is also possible that, if you don't meet the grades set out in your offer, your Summer School report might help you to gain entry to your chosen university. LEAPS partner universities have agreed to the LEAPS admissions pledge, which states that admissions officers will read your Summer School report before deciding if they will offer you a place. (Other universities might also accept the reports.)

For a snapshot of Summer School, watch our film below.

The 2018 LEAPS Summer School will run from 4 June to 20 July 2018, with an induction day on 1 June.