Choosing universities and colleges

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Choosing universities and colleges

How do I choose which universities or colleges to apply to?

In the last post, we discussed some of the ways to help you think about what subject or course you would like to study at college or university. You may have found that not every university/college offers every course and even if two universities teach the same course, the courses themselves are could be very different. The image below sets out some of the aspects to take into consideration when you're researching universities or colleges.

For the application to university using UCAS, you'll have up to five choices for courses.

For college applications, you apply directly to each college so your choice is basically unlimited as you could apply to as many colleges as you like. 

Open days and tours are a great way to get a feel for a university or college and for what they have to offer. There are still some open days left in autumn but the next big round will be in June. You can use the time between now and then to narrow down the list of possible universities and colleges that you might want to apply for. A lot of universities offer tours on Friday afternoons that you might want to attend to start getting a feel for what different kinds of universities are like.

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Key things to remember:

1. Different universities and colleges might offer the same course, however it is unlikely that the courses will be similar in how or what they teach. e.g. history at one university could be very different to a history course elsewhere

2. Open days are key opportunities to suss out how a place actually feels and if you can see yourself studying there.

3. Think about your priorities. Different places may appeal to you for different reasons. What aspects of studying at university/college are the most important to you?