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Extra-curricular activities

​LEAPS gets a lot of questions about what students can do to strengthen their applications for university or college. Your qualifications clearly play a big part in your application but you also need to provide evidence of your interest and skills that are related to the subject you want to apply for. Extra-curricular activities are a great way to do this and the image below explains a bit more about how this works and why all of those things you get up to outside of school can be of use. And if you're someone who doesn't get up to much outside of school, then hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration about where to get started.

Not long after you start S6 you will be writing your personal statement for your application to university or college and this is where you will show your interest and skills related to the subject. A good way of keeping track of everything you're doing before then to use as evidence is to use a sheet like the one you can download below. This will make it loads easier when it comes to using your activities as evidence in your personal statement to show you have the skills and interest for the course you're applying for.

Activity sheet

You can see an example below of how to fill in the activity sheet. The next step after you've collected all of this information is to start thinking about how to relate it to the courses that you're interested in.

Key things to remember:

1. Your qualifications only make up part of your application to university and/or college. You need to have evidence to show that you have a genuine interest and the skills needed to succeed on the course. Extra-curricular activities are a great way of showing your interest and developing skills.

2. There doesn't need to be a direct link between the activity and the course you want to do. You will be developing a lot of skills that will be helpful on a lot of different kinds of courses.

3. Making a record of what you're doing now (and what you've already done) will make it so much easier when it comes to writing your personal statement for your college/university application in S6.