Making the most of Higher Education Conventions

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Making the most of Higher Education Conventions

What is a Higher Education Convention? Why should I go? What will I do when I get there? These are all good questions, and we'll try to answer them in this blog post!

Higher Education Conventions are essentially big fairs where unis, colleges, employers and also SAAS (financial support for students) and Skills Development Scotland all come together in one place at one time! There will be staff and students from loads of unis with stalls just waiting to share lots of info with you on their courses, what it is like to study there and much more, as well as talks on a range of topics.

You might be thinking this is something to do in S6, but why not get ahead of the game and start finding out all the useful info now? This could help you with making your course choices for S6. Also, it's not usually possible to get along to every uni's open day so HECs are a great way to speak to a whole load of unis in one place. From there you might decide on a smaller number of unis that you want to go and visit on an open day. So, why wait, sign up now to your local convention:

Check out our blog on open days too.

Making the most of this opportunity

Questions you might want to ask

These are just some suggestions to get you started. You can ask whatever you want to know!

  • What grades do I need to achieve and in which subjects to get onto the courses I'm interested in?
  • How is the course taught?
  • What is it like to study and / or live at the university?
  • What kind of accommodation do you offer?
  • What kind of financial support is available?
  • When are your open days?

Top tips

  • The convention may seem a little overwhelming at first with so many stalls. Try going back to your plan of people you want to speak to, pick one and start there, then work your way around step by step. 
  • Work the room! Talk to as many people as possible, even unis you hadn't previously thought about. You never know, you might stumble across the perfect course for you!
  • Make sure to take a bag for all the prospectuses you'll pick up. Trust us, they can get heavy! BUT, don't just pick up prospectuses, ask questions too! 

Go for it!