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S5 Conference

The LEAPS S5 Conference is taking place on Wednesday 18 March 2020, 5-8pm, in Edinburgh. If you are an S5 LEAPS-eligible student and you are thinking about college or university, this event is for you!

Find out more and register for this event here.

The S5 Conference is a campus-based event designed to help you take steps towards higher education. It is a chance for you to collect information and advice about future courses (at our exhibition), find out what you need to get in (entry requirements), discover how best to prepare (what you need to do), meet current university students (find out what student life is like) and chat to staff from local universities and colleges (friendly people there to help you!)

The S5 Conference is delivered by LEAPS staff, university students and colleagues from partner organisations, higher education institutions and related agencies.

Take a look at our short film to get a taste for the S5 Conference.