Understanding Entry Requirements

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Understanding Entry Requirements

Hopefully your revision for exams is going well. You'll be starting S6 soon after and it's good to check you'll be taking the right subjects to get you onto the courses you're interested in at college and/or university. Although you may have made your course choices already in school, nothing is set in stone, and you can still make changes if you need to before S6 starts in the summer.

You can use prospectuses to find entry requirements or just go directly to the university and college websites. If you're struggling with reading a prospectus, remember we have a post that explains how to decipher them. In this post, we've answered 5 of the top questions that we get asked here at LEAPS on a regular basis. If you have any other questions after reading the post, please get in touch with the team so we can help you out. There are honestly no dumb questions and it's better to ask about these things sooner rather than later.

Are all Higher subjects accepted by universities/colleges?


What are general entry requirements?


What if I have to resit some of my Nat 5s or Highers?


What does a typical offer mean?


Should I take courses in S6 that are all related to the course I want to study at college or university?

Key things to remember:

1. Talk to the universities/colleges if you're not sure about anything when it comes to entry requirements and the Nat 5s/Highers you're sitting.

2. General entry requirements can sometimes be hidden at the back of prospectuses or on other pages of websites so it's important to hunt for them if they're not clear!

3. Use your guidance teacher, careers advisor and LEAPS if you're not sure about anything.