Videos from our student volunteers - round 3!

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Videos from our student volunteers - round 3!

​In round 3 of the videos from our student volunteers, we're looking at student timetables and how they change as you move from school to university or college and on into the later years. All three of our volunteers have had quite different experiences of university and college when it comes to their timetables so it will hopefully give you some clearer ideas of what it's like to study different subjects at university or college. 

First up we have a couple of videos from Tycho, student of International Relations at the University of Edinburgh.


Next we have Haya who studies Interior and Spatial Design at Edinburgh Napier University.

And finally we have Scott who studies Heritage and Culture at Stirling University.

Key things to remember:

1. Your timetable could be very different to what you're used to at school with lots of time for independent study and less time in the classroom.

2. You're likely to have different kinds of classes as well, with tutorials, lectures and workshops making up your timetable.

3. Your timetable at college or university is likely to change through the years that you're studying. In general, people will spend less time in class the further they get into their course.