The LEAPS 1:1 Interview

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The LEAPS 1:1 Interview

Final-year LEAPS-eligible students, complete the online survey form hereThe LEAPS 1:1 Interview is an opportunity for final-year LEAPS-eligible students to talk through their plans for higher education with a LEAPS representative. You will be able to discuss your course options and find out what will help to strengthen your application. 

The Interviews take place in school.  You might have been given an interview time...but be wondering what that really means. Fret not. Here is our quick guide to your LEAPS interview!

1. It’s not a scary 'interview' – promise!
It’s a reasonably informal chat about your UCAS ideas and how we can help you make these become a reality! You don’t have to dress formally, prepare questions or be nervous about your LEAPS interview.

2. It won’t take up too much of your time
It will last approximately 30 minutes and will focus on you, your plans, goals and ideas.

3. You need to fill out the online survey form IN ADVANCE please! 
If you don’t do this, your interview slot will be eaten up with filling out a paper form. Not a good use of time!

4. Give a thought to any future study plans you might like to consider
Before your interview, it would be good if you could begin to think about what it is you might want to study and start to research your options. UCAS Course Search is a good starting point and university open days are also really useful. However, if you come along with few ideas, that is okay too! We are here to help you, whatever stage you are at.

5. You will receive an action plan at the end of the interview to help you progress  
This is a plan of action agreed between you and the interviewer and will include tips to keep you moving forward towards your goals. Please keep hold of this and use it to help you.
So there you have it; positive, helpful time with a LEAPS member of staff that will give you a plan that moves you towards your university goals. Hooray!

What happens next?

Following the Interview, we would encourage you to take part in LEAPS activities throughout the year which will support your preparation for moving into higher education.

These activities include a Personal Statement workshop, Creative Extras and the LEAPS Summer School.

You can also contact us throughout the year for information and advice. (And don't forget the action plan you received at your interview!)

Please note, if you miss your interview in school we will not be able to offer you this service unless there are extenuating circumstances. You must contact LEAPS for further information.

The deadline for LEAPS interviews - and confirming LEAPS eligibility - is Thursday 30 November 2017.