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UCAS Offers

What happens after you’ve applied?

There are different types of offers that you can receive from universities. You can log into UCAS Track to find out what offers you’ve received.

  • An Unconditional offer means that you have already achieved the requirements for the course in S5. (However, your offer has also been based on your S6 exams, and universities will still expect you to complete your school academic year.)
  • A Conditional offer depends on you meeting certain conditions before you start the course, usually grades to be achieved.
  • You may also receive an unsuccessful application notice. This means that they are unable to make you an offer.

Click on the image below to watch the UCAS video: How to make sense of your offers

If you receive no offers from your five applications, there are options available through UCAS Extra and UCAS Clearing and you can also look at college options alongside your UCAS application.

You can find out more about the different types of offers, and how universities make their decisions, here.