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Applying to be a Student Tutor on the LEAPS Summer School

Applications for the role of Student Tutor are now closed. You'll find information on how we will appoint the Student Tutor team below.

The role of the Student Tutor
We are looking for enthusiastic undergraduate students who are enjoying their university studies and are looking to have a rewarding paid position working with young people with LEAPS over the summer.

The primary function of each Student Tutor is to support around 20 Summer School students during the Academic Skills course on the LEAPS Summer School. The Academic Skills course aims to prepare students for degree-level study by introducing students to themes such as critical thinking, finding academic resources, using evidence (referencing), discussion and presentation skills, using feedback and academic writing.

Student Tutors perform the following tasks within the Academic Skills course:

  • participate in weekly team briefings
  • attend lectures alongside Summer School students
  • prepare for class by planning tutorials/activities, completing reading or similar activities
  • lead tutorials/activities to re-enforce themes introduced during lectures
  • complete weekly and end of course progress reports for each student
  • contribute to class and online discussion of course themes - including video summaries and subject-specific input to lectures
  • contribute and lead subject-specific optional sessions for students with fellow Student Tutors
  • participate to Academic Skills input to Summer School Induction (1 June)
  • help students to become familiar with the university library and research methods
  • advise students in the completion of coursework
  • participate in the Summer School Graduation (20 July)





We will appoint individuals who can guarantee availability for all of the following sessions:

  • Wednesday 30 May, 9.00-16.00 and Monday 4 June, 13.00-17.00 for Training
  • Friday 1 June for Summer School Induction (4 hours approx - times to be confirmed)
  • Monday 11 June and every Monday up to and including 16 July, 10.00-12.00 for Team Meetings
  • Tuesday 5 June and every Wednesday up to and including 17 July, 09.00-13.00 for Academic Skills
  • Thursday 7 June and every Thursday up to and including 19 July, 12.30-16.30 for Academic Skills
  • Friday 20 July, 18.00-21.00 for Summer School Graduation

What we look for in a Student Tutor
In order to be a Student Tutor you should:

  • be in year 3 or 4 of full-time undergraduate study (we don't currently appoint postgraduates to this role)
  • be performing well in your academic studies (e.g. averaging 60% or above) 
  • have some experience of working with young people in an educational role
  • believe in the value of higher education
  • be a strong advocate of the importance of academic skills within academic success
  • be positive, energetic and outgoing
  • be able to grasp information quickly and put it into action
  • have initiative when required
  • have the ability (and enthusiasm) to work with 17-18 year olds, not all of whom will automatically see the value in Academic Skills 
  • be reliable, trustworthy and punctual

In order to become a Student Tutor you will also need to provide evidence of the following experience, skills and qualities:

  • academic record so far at university (in addition, we will request an academic referee)
  • experience of working with young people in an educational environment (ideally leading or facilitating activities)
  • strong oral communication skills, in particular an ability to speak clearly and confidently and to lead a group in discussion
  • competent academic writing skills
  • the ability to work effectively as part of a team, in particular a willingness to listen and learn from others
  • good organisational and time management skills



How we appoint the Student Tutor team
Once we are satisfied that an applicant has provided evidence of the necessary experience, skills and qualities to be an effective Student Tutor, we consider how this candidate might help us meet the requirements of the wider Student Tutor team. In order to effectively support the body of Summer School students, our team of 8 Student Tutors must represent the following:

  • undergraduates from Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier, Heriot-Watt, Queen Margaret and Stirling Universities (as these are the most common destinations for Summer School graduates). This does not mean however, that if you are from another institution that you will not be considered.
  • an even split (where possible) of students from Arts/Humanities, Social Science & Creative Industry AND from STEM subject areas
  • includes individuals from a range of backgrounds

As we aim to recruit students from across a range of institutions and subjects, this makes it unlikely that we will recruit two Student Tutors from the same academic field (and in particular from the same subject at the same university). 

Please also be aware that having attended the LEAPS Summer School as a student is not a pre-requisite for this post (in fact we place much greater weight on students who have contributed as LEAPS volunteers, or to a similar widening access programme). When considering applications we give additional credit to those who have gained valuable experience by having participated in widening participation programmes, or similar education-related work with young people.

Contract and payment
You will be employed on a Casual Worker Agreement. We can only hire you if you provide evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK. As the role constitutes regulated work with children under the PVG Scheme, we require satisfactory completion of a PVG Scheme Application (or Existing Scheme Member Update) which will be carried out by LEAPS prior to starting the role.
Payment will be a maximum of £1099 gross for the work detailed below. The weekly and hourly commitment will be as follows:

Pre-Summer School
Wednesday 30 May - Training #1 - 7 hours
Friday 1 June - Student Induction - 4 hours
Monday 4 June - Training #2 - 4 hours (note that this is Monday of Week 1)

Weeks 1 - 6:
Mondays - 2 hours (Mon 11 June until July 9 inclusive)
Tuesdays & Thursdays - 8 hours in total (Tues 5 June until July 19 inclusive)
Reports - 2 hours per week

Week 7: 
Monday 16 July - 2 hours
Tues 17 & Thurs 19 July - 8 hours
Final Reports - 3.5 hours
Graduation - Friday 20 July - 3 hours

How to apply to be a Student Tutor

Please read the details and specifications above fully and then apply using the form below, uploading a covering letter indicating why you are interested in being a Student Tutor and what you could bring to the role. 

The closing date for applications is 12 noon, Tuesday 3 April. 
All applicants will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt (by e-mail) during the week beginning 2 April. We will make decisions on the appointment of the team and contact all applicants in April.

Questions about the Student Tutor role
If you have any questions about being a Student Tutor, or would like to talk through what the role involves in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact Alice in the LEAPS team.