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Coronavirus Update

Last updated 26th August 2021.

The LEAPS team is working from home until further notice, but we are very much still here to support you.

S6 Workshop

Our S6 Workshop is an informal, relaxed session where you can chat to current university students about any aspect of your transition from school to university – academic, social, moving away, anything you want to explore.

S5 Interviews

This is a one-to-one thirty-minute interview with a member of the LEAPS team. We’ll offer you individual advice and guidance on higher education entry requirements and focus on course choices for S6.

S5 Introduction to Higher Education

This presentation explains who the LEAPS team is, what we do, and also outlines LEAPS eligibility criteria.  The session is for students who may have the potential to go on to higher education and provides an overview of what higher education is, including key information relating to entry qualifications, application procedures, exit points and articulation (moving from college to university study).

S4 Workshop

This workshop runs over a school period. In a group, you will explore different aspects of higher education and student life with the help of a current university student, our ‘uni experts’.

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Volunteer with LEAPS

Find out more about volunteering with LEAPS here.

Welcome to the S5Hub

S5 LEAPS-eligible students, sign-up here to receive updates from LEAPS. 

Our S5Hub is the place for you to get lots of tips and advice on higher education.

S5 Introduction to Higher Education Presentation

If you are an S5 student at a LEAPS Group 1+, Group 1 or Group 2 school, and you are thinking about applying to higher education at college or university, this presentation is for you!

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