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About the LEAPS Course Checker

The LEAPS team are here to provide information, advice and guidance to help you move forward with your college and university aspirations. Some university and college courses will require specific subjects at specific levels (e.g. National 5, Higher) for entry, and this may impact your S6 choices.

We invite S5 LEAPS-eligible students from our Group 2 schools to complete our Course Checker form below for advice on your S6 subject choices and to ensure that your choices are keeping your options open for post-school plans. 

Once you have completed the Course Checker form, a member of the LEAPS team will get in touch with you by email to offer our advice as soon as we're able to.

(Please note S5 LEAPS-eligible students from our Group 1+ and Group 1 schools will be offered a LEAPS S5 Interview with a member of the LEAPS team between January and March. This will take place over the phone and students will receive information, advice and guidance about subject choices and college and university aspirations both during this call and by email afterwards. For this reason, the below Course Checker form is for S5 LEAPS-eligible students from our Group 2 schools only. Thank you.)


The LEAPS Team


Visit our online blog, the S5Hub, for lots of tips and advice on higher education.

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LEAPS Eligibility

LEAPS eligibility is not confirmed until you have your LEAPS pre-UCAS interview in S6, but it’s really helpful for us to have an idea of which LEAPS eligibility criteria you meet when answering your course checker query. 

You can find full details of LEAPS eligibility criteria here and LEAPS school groupings here if you want to check anything and if you're still unsure please contact us.

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Higher Education

You can find out more about career and course exploration, (including how to do it from home!), in our S5Hub blog post about career and course exploration during COVID-19.

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Visit our online blog, the S5Hub, for lots of tips and advice on higher education.