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On this page you will find information about our upcoming Unicafe sessions. These will take place online.

If you would like to attend one of these Unicafe sessions, please complete the online booking form at the bottom of this page

About the Unicafe

What: If you are a LEAPS-eligible student and you have submitted a UCAS application, our Unicafe is for you. Our Unicafe is a friendly, informal, online space for you to learn more about what starting university is really like. It will be helpful wherever you have applied, so make yourself a cup of tea and join us for a chat.

More information:

Each Unicafe session is hosted by current university students who are ready to talk about making the transition from school to first year at university.

Maybe you’d like to know more about...

  • student accommodation options
  • welcome/induction weeks
  • making new friends
  • study tips
  • being a student during COVID-19
  • or, if you have another topic in mind, you're welcome to ask anything you want about the move from school to university!

There will also be a chance to meet other current S6 students who may be going to the same university and/or town as you from September - a great chance to start building your university social network.

The LEAPS team will be on hand as well, to offer some advice on how to use skills and experiences developed in the past year to thrive in a university environment.


We're running a series of Unicafe sessions. They will all follow the same format, so please select the date and time that suits you best.

  • Tuesday 23 February 2021 - 4.30-5.45pm - this session has now taken place
  • Wednesday 24 February 2021 - 4.30-5.45pm - this session has now taken place
  • Thursday 4 March 2021 - 7.00-8.15pm
  • Thursday 11 March 2021 - 4.30-5.45pm
  • Friday 12 March 2021 - 2.30-3.45pm


These Unicafe sessions will take place online. We will send you a link to access the event you sign-up for. 

To take part in a Unicafe session you will need:

  • An Internet connection, on a laptop, tablet, smartphone or similar. You might find it best to watch and participate on a laptop or larger screen, if it is available.

  • Headphones, or speakers on your device, to hear the students speaking.

  • You do not need to have a microphone or camera, as you will be able to take part via the chatbox, but if you do have a microphone and/or a camera and you're happy to have these on then you're very welcome to use them during the session.

  • You do not need to download an app, however the session will work best in Google Chrome browser, so you might consider installing this.

Who can attend?

(Your LEAPS eligibility would usually have been confirmed at your Pre-UCAS LEAPS interview earlier in the school year. If you are unsure about this, please contact us.)

How to register

If you would like to attend a Unicafe session, please complete the online booking form below. Please note, places are limited.

If you experience any issues with the form, or if you have any queries, please contact us.

Firm & Insurance Choices

Even if you are still in the process of deciding, or you haven't heard back from all of your choices yet, please give us an indication below which universities you are hoping to select as your Firm and Insurance.

This isn't set in stone at all, it will just help us to plan the session!

Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how and why we use your data.

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