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Stay in touch with LEAPS!

If you are an S5 LEAPS-eligible student and would like to receive updates from LEAPS, please complete the form below with your contact details so we can stay in touch.

What will we contact you about? We'll share information, advice and event updates to help you with any higher education college or university plans you might be thinking about!

Not sure if you're LEAPS eligible? You can find details of LEAPS eligibility criteria here.

If you have any queries, or if you experience any issues trying to complete the form, please contact us so we can help.


The LEAPS Team

Please complete the form below with your contact details so we can stay in touch!

We sometimes receive information about opportunities that relate to specific subject areas, for example Law work experience placements or acting audition preparation workshops.

If you’d like to receive details of these, please select your areas of interest from the list below. You can choose as many areas as you like!

This list doesn't cover every subject area you can study, so please don't worry if a subject you are thinking about isn't listed.

If none of these subjects interest you, you can skip this section and go straight to the Submit button below.

We will still send you useful updates to help you explore college and university!

Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how and why we use the data you submit to us.