Why choose Higher Education?

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Why choose Higher Education?

By now, you should have had a talk in school from the LEAPS team about higher education and explaining a bit more about it. If not, don't worry, we'll be coming to your school later in the year. To help you think a bit more about why you might want to go into higher education, we've made a quiz that gives you some clues about where to start.

If the quiz below isn't working or doesn't appear on your screen, use the link here to go to the quiz in a new tab.




Key things to remember:

1. There are lots of reasons to choose to go into higher education.

2. It doesn't matter what your reason(s) might be, but it's good to think about them to help you choose the right course and place to go. It is about making the right choice for you!

3. Higher education can open up a lot of options for you and what you choose to do now doesn't mean that you will do that forever.