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Applying to Oxford and Cambridge

We have created this blog to support students interested in studying at Oxford or Cambridge, with links to resources with tips for applying and info on student life.

S6 LEAPS eligible students should get in touch with LEAPS as soon as possible if you are planning to apply to Oxford or Cambridge so we can support you.

Student life

Oxford and Cambridge offer a unique student experience, often with smaller class sizes and a greater amount of time spent on independent study. Use these links to find about more about student life at Oxford and Cambridge.

You can hear direct from Oxbridge students in this student Q&A panel, sharing their experiences on applying and student life.

Oxford and Cambridge – what’s the difference?

You might also be wondering what the difference is between Oxford and Cambridge? Check out this link, because you’ll only be able to apply for one of Cambridge or Oxford, not both.

The application process

The application deadline for applying to Oxford or Cambridge is 15th October each year. You have up to five UCAS choices, meaning you’ll also be applying to universities other than Oxford and Cambridge. However, your UCAS application for all of your choices is submitted as one, meaning you’ll need to do your research for all of your choices in time for the 15th October deadline.

There are also additional steps to be aware of when applying to Oxford or Cambridge. This image outlines the application process, and the links below provide more info:

Check out this video on ‘The Student Experience and Applying to Oxford and Cambridge’, and this one on ‘Making a Competitive Application’.These videos outline the application process so are a really good place to start!

This link explains the college system and choosing / applying to a college.

Applying to Cambridge?

We hope these links will be helpful for you:

Applying to Oxford?

We hope these links will be helpful for you:

Good luck, and don’t forget to get in touch so we can support you!