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Applying to University

Applying to University

What is UCAS?
UCAS stands for University and Colleges Admissions Service. It’s basically the online system by which all applications for degree level study are submitted. UCAS allows you to apply to up to five different courses using a single application form.

Your application form contains your qualifications (including those you’re currently studying for), any work experience, your personal statement, a reference/statement from your school and your personal details.

Your school and LEAPS will help guide you through the process, but you are the person in control of your application.

What do I need to know?
Your school and LEAPS work together to help you submit the strongest UCAS application possible. This includes how you go about choosing the right course for you, how to boost your experience and how to write a strong personal statement.

It’s your responsibility to take advantage of all the help on offer and to think about the courses that will suit you, your interests, and your aspirations.

What is the process of applying?

Your school will take you through this in detail, but here is a quick guide.

  • Choose up to five courses you want to apply to.
  • Add a personal statement, detailing why you want to apply for the course and what makes you a suitable candidate.
  • Detail any work or volunteer experience you have.
  • Your school adds a reference detailing why they think you’re suitable for the courses.
  • Submit your application before the deadline.

Click on the image below to see step-by-step UCAS guide to filling in your UCAS application:

What are the key dates?

  • Deadline for some music courses is usually early October.
  • Deadline for applications for any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry is usually 15th October.
  • Deadline for all other courses and universities is usually 26th January.
  • Your school will probably ask you to finish your application well before the deadlines so they have plenty of time to check and discuss it with you, and write your reference before submitting it to UCAS.

Check UCAS to see which deadline applies to the courses you are interested in.