Choosing Your Courses

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Choosing Your Courses

Making Your Choices

There are many sources of information around to help you choose courses you might be thinking about applying to at university or college.

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It’s important to look at the entry requirements carefully and talk to your school or LEAPS advisors about whether these requirements are realistic for you. You'll have the opportunity to discuss course choices with a LEAPS advisor in your LEAPS pre-UCAS interview in school, but remember you can call the LEAPS team for advice as well.

Watch the UCAS guide to choosing courses below:


A UCAS application only allows you to submit a single UCAS Personal Statement, despite having up to five course choices. This means that it can be hard to write a good UCAS Personal Statement if you have choices in different subject areas. For this reason, you should try and make sure that your choices are linked to the same (or similar) subject area so your application is focused.

You would usually apply for one type of course at five different universities. Sometimes people apply for two courses at the same university. It’s not recommended that you apply for more than two courses at the same university. This is because it’s a good idea to balance your application around a range of universities with different entry requirements, to try to get a range of offers to choose from.

Also, universities like to see that you are focused, not just that you are applying for lots of courses at their particular institution!