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Open Days

It's Open Day season!

Anyone can attend a college or university open day! Whether you are in S5, or S6, we really recommend taking part and finding out all you can about colleges and universities and what they have to offer!

Most universities offer open days in autumn, across September, October and November, with some also offering some summer events.

What is an Open Day?

An open day is typically a chance to visit a college or university and find out more information about what it's like to study there. 

This year, most institutions are offering virtual open days and information sessions, in light of government guidance regarding COVID-19. Some are offering on-campus open days, so check college and university websites carefully to be sure what type of event you are signing up for - online or in-person! Whatever format the event, you'll still have the opportunity to hear from academics and current students, to have a look at the campus and accommodation, ask questions, and get an idea for it is like to study at each uni. 

Students often tell us that open days are what really helped them to decide on which universities to apply to, so make the most of the opportunity to attend as many as you can virtually! Remember, parents, carers and friends can join you at these events so why not ask someone to?

What kinds of questions do I need to ask?

Whatever you like! But if you're stuck for ideas, here's a few to get you started:

  • What grades do I need to achieve and in which subjects to get onto the courses I'm interested in?
  • What topics are covered in the first year of the course? And what options are there later on in the degree?
  • Do these courses have a year abroad/working in industry option?
  • How much does the accommodation cost per month?
  • Are there any scholarships, bursaries or grants available?

You can find more tips on what you might like to ask here.

It's useful to keep in mind that lots of colleges have open days now too, so keep an eye out for any chances to virtually visit those you're interested in.

Upcoming University Open Days

We've collated a list of universities in Scotland for you below. Click on the links to visit each university's website and find out when and how their open days are taking place.

Top tip: Plan ahead! Some open days will take place on the same date. As most universities will offer more than one date, with some careful planning you can hopefully attend all you would like to.

College Open Days

College open days often (but not always) take place in spring. You can find more information about college open days on the My World of Work website.

Key things to remember:

1. Open days are open to anyone to attend! Just remember to register on the university/college website to gain access.

2. Ask lots of questions! Don't be shy about getting stuck in and getting answers. That's the point!

3. The more research you do, the more informed decision you'll be able to make to get the right course / uni for you!