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S6 What is LEAPS? Talk

Who is this information for?

If you are in your final year of study at a LEAPS Group 1+, Group 1 or Group 2 school, and you are thinking about applying to higher education at college or university, this information is for you. You might be in S6, or you might be in S5 and planning to leave school school this year.

About our What is LEAPS? Presentation

Please watch our short presentation below, which explains more about LEAPS and the support LEAPS offers to LEAPS-eligible students who are aiming for higher education at college or university.

LEAPS is here to support you with any college or university plans you might be thinking about, and we'll be offering information and activities throughout the year to help you explore your options.

Which version of the presentation should I watch?

We have two versions of our What is LEAPS? presentation;

  • one for students attending our LEAPS Group 1+ and Group 1 Schools
  • one for students attending our LEAPS Group 2 schools (which covers LEAPS eligibility criteria in relation to Group 2 schools in more detail)

Please check which group your school is in on our LEAPS school groupings page here and then watch the relevant presentation below. Thanks.

What is LEAPS Presentation for LEAPS Group 1+ and Group 1 Schools


What is LEAPS? Presentation for LEAPS Group 2 Schools



What Next? Prepare for your LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview

If you think that you are LEAPS eligible, please complete our LEAPS Survey form here and ask your LEAPS Link Teacher to schedule you for a LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview.

You can find out more about the LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview here.

You must have this interview to have your LEAPS eligibility confirmed before the LEAPS eligibility deadline at the end of November. This is important, as it can affect what offers and support you receive from universities. 

Not sure if you're eligible for LEAPS support? Please contact us for clarification.

Useful Resources

Here are some links to resources we mention in the presentation:

LEAPS School Groupings

LEAPS Eligibility Criteria

About your LEAPS Pre-UCAS 1:1 Interview

LEAPS Pre-UCAS 1:1 Interview Online Survey Form 



LEAPS Parents' & Carers' Resource

If you have any queries after watching the presentation, or require it in an alternative format, please contact us.

This page was last updated in August 2021.