University Entry Requirements

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University Entry Requirements

University Entry Requirements

The first thing to know is that all universities are different when it comes to what they’re looking for from applicants. 

Course Entry Requirements

University websites and prospectuses provide information on course entry requirements. Make sure to read the small print though, which will detail essential qualifications such as National 5s. Universities accept most Higher subjects and a lot of universities look for a good range of Higher subjects. If there are any specific Highers requirements for a course, the website or prospectus will list them. Universities may ask that you have completed a certain number of your Highers in one sitting (either in S5 or S6), or ask for more Highers if you sit them over two years. Sometimes universities will ask for a higher grade than those listed in the prospectus if you sit Highers over two sittings.

Contextual Offers

Some universities may make offers to LEAPS-eligible students based on their minimum entry requirements rather than the typical entry requirements (the typical can often be higher than the minimum), or they may make offers somewhere in between their minimum and their typical entry requirements. All universities are different. However, all applicants do need to meet the minimum requirements, and this can include National 5s as well as Highers.

For answers to questions we are frequently asked about entry requirements, look at our S5Hub blog post about Understanding Entry Requirements.

Still unsure about University Entry Requirements?

If you’re not sure about something, it’s a good idea to get in touch with universities to discuss your subjects and ask them what they think their entry requirements would be based on your qualifications and situation.

Admissions departments are happy to receive enquiries about entry requirements, as they like to receive carefully considered applications.

LEAPS staff or your teachers can also talk through entry qualifications with you, so please get in touch if you want any advice.