Your UCAS application is in... What Next?

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Your UCAS application is in... What Next?

Your UCAS form may be off to the universities and offers may be coming in, but your applications to university and college are not finished yet!

Over the next few weeks you will have to:

  • Make final decisions on where you want to study, and
  • Think about alternative plans to help keep your options open (should they be needed)

You will need to give these things the same energy as you put into your personal statement and course research – if not more!

Our LEAPS Post-UCAS application resource below covers the next steps in your UCAS journey in more detail, and it has information and advice to help you make your decisions.

Click the 'read more' button below to explore the resource in full or you can also find the resource here.

Remember, if you are a LEAPS student and have questions at any stage of your college and university application process, you are welcome to contact the LEAPS team.

If you are a student who is using this resource, we would appreciate your feedback to let us know how we can improve our materials. Please complete our short survey (just three questions!) here


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