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UCAS Extra & Clearing

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is a service available between February and early July. If you haven’t received any offers – or you want to decline all your offers – you can apply to one ‘Extra’ course at a time through UCAS Extra. (You don’t have to wait for Clearing.) In 2021, UCAS Extra will open on 11 February.

Not sure if you are able to use UCAS Extra? If the service is available to you, it'll show up as a button when you sign in to track your application.

Find out more about UCAS Extra here.

UCAS Clearing

Clearing is open to students who do not meet the conditions of their offer, as well as those who apply after the 30 June deadline. Limited courses become available through UCAS Clearing, which runs from early July to to late October. 

Find out more about UCAS Clearing here.