Fri 14 May, S4, Gracemount, 10:40-12:00

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Fri 14 May, S4, Gracemount, 10:40-12:00

Aim and audience: This workshop is aimed at S4 pupils (14 -15 year olds), most of whom will be in the early stages of contemplating Higher Education as an option after they leave school. The focus is on delivering a fun and engaging workshop where pupils can start to build up a picture of what university is really like. They will do this mostly by chatting informally with Student Volunteers in breakout rooms on the various aspects of university including Learning and Teaching, Accommodation, Social Opportunties, Sport/Clubs/Societies and Independent Learning. This workshop will follow a largely similar format to our S3 workshop.

Timing and format: The session will be delivered using ‘Blackboard Collaborate’. We will send you a link to allow you access the session at a later date. Please note you don’t need to have used ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ before in order to take part in this session.

Your role: Full details of the session including an outline of your role can be found here. There will also be a full briefing on the day from the LEAPS team. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch in advance!

To sign up for this workshop: Please email us at We are aware that we were unable to offer some volunteers, who offered their help, a place on earlier workshops. Sorry about that! To be as fair as possible we will give any volunteers who missed out last time priority on a place this time round with the workshops we are delivering in April and May. However we do welcome all volunteers getting in touch if they would like to take part. We'd prefer if you just suggested one workshop/date please. We will allow a number of days before allocating places so that everyone has a fair chance of seeing the email and responding if they want to.

Online workshop
Volunteers needed: 
Maximum of 10 volunteers required
Signed up so far: 
Sheela S
Sarah J
Rebecca H
Zihan Y
Kathryn B
Maddy M
Jack Y
Fotiana Z
Alex S