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Volunteer Notice Board

Welcome to the LEAPS Volunteer Notice Board! Here you will find details of events for LEAPS student volunteers.

If there are any events that you would like to take part in, please email Claire or Joanne at leapsvolunteers@ed.ac.uk to let us know which ones you would like to sign up for and if you require transport. We will then add your name to the event listing, send you a confirmation email and we’ll be in touch again nearer the time just to re-confirm arrangements.

Mon 19 Mar, Campus Reporter, Edin Uni, 10-12noon

Start time:  Please make your own way to the 'host' room at Edinburgh University (listed below) for  10.00am where you will have a short briefing before the school (Eyemouth High School) arrives. 

Volunteers needed: 
5-10 volunteers from any university!
Signed up so far: 
Emily D
Kamila B