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Volunteer Reference Requests

We are happy to provide a character reference for LEAPS volunteers who have contributed regularly to our events with schools. A reference will typically contain the following information:

  • an overview of the work carried out by LEAPS and LEAPS volunteers
  • details of the specific events that an individual volunteer contributed towards
  • qualitative comments relating to the volunteer's contribution, outlining their strengths or the progress they made

Naturally, it takes a little while to compile each reference and, as we work with lots of volunteers and receive lots of reference requests, we will only be able to prepare a reference where:

  • we have agreed in advance that we will provide a reference (we won't respond to requests from employers or other agencies where we have not been asked in advance by the individual if we would be willing to do so)
  • we know the individual suitably well to be able to comment accurately on their suitability for an individual post, hence the reason we can only provide a reference for those who have contributed regularly
  • the volunteer work carried out with LEAPS was relatively recent (we don't feel it is appropriate to comment on an individual's suitability for a post if it is several years since we worked with him or her)

When preparing a reference it may be necessary for us to consult a number of different members of the LEAPS team. Combined with the number of requests we receive, and the other LEAPS activities, it can take some time to prepare a reference - it's very unlikely therefore that we would be able to prepare a reference requested at short notice (by an individual or an employer). 

If you would like to include LEAPS as a referee on an application for a post, please e-mail leapsvolunteers@ed.ac.uk.